APRIL, 2014

April 22, 2014

Well, here it is mid-April already.  We have been back in New Zealand since March 27.  We haven’t had any exciting adventures – life aboard has been all about getting settled back into cruising life, enjoying the late summer weather, sailing to Great Barrier Island for a month long visit with our friends, Tony, Carol, and Des, and generally just enjoying life and Bella Via.  Before we left Whangarei, Paul helped our friend Dave finish the house that he was building and we both helped Dave and Margaret move to Paihia, one hour away from Whangarei. 

Bella Via is still for sale – there has been lots of interest but no offers.  We are prepared to be patient and continue enjoying what we are doing.

Our visit home to Canada and the USA was enjoyable as always.  Our children and their spouses and our grandson are well.  We had lots of time to spend with our brothers and sisters and good friends.  Here are some pictorial highlights of our trip: 

Mary and her sisters celebrated our daughter, Jenn’s, 40th birthday.  Here are Mary and Jenn with Ann Robinet, a good friend and Jenn’s guest for the evening.  Here they are waiting for the limo to pick them up and begin the evening of fun and laughter with the six sisters and four nieces.

We have a wonderful time at our friends’ place, Ray and Ann, when we go to Canada.  One of the treats is the fruit display that Ray puts together every morning.  Lots of chopping involved!  Thanks Ray, we feel treated!

We had lots of snow while we were in Windsor this year.  Ray was out very early after snowfalls using the snow blower on his driveway and the neighbour’s driveway.  This year, he added a hood to shelter him from the elements.

While we were in Nelson, BC, with Jenn, Jeremy and Miles, one of the highlights for Paul was a three-day cross-country ski trip with Jeremy to a rustic log cabin with no running water or electricity, in the middle of the Rocky Mountains on the other side of the mountain

Here is Paul at the end of a long day of skiing enjoying the heat of the wood fireplace.

Paul is dwarfed in the lower centre of this scene by the grandeur of the Rockies that completely surrounded the valley in which they were skiing.

Miles loves his books and we spent many delightful times reading his favourites.

Miles helped Granddad Paul install a new child gate on the main floor of the house.  In this picture, Miles is wearing the tool belt that we bought him.

Jenn and Paul took Miles for a swim session at the community pool and were offered a free private lesson by the lifeguards, as the pool was empty.  The fellow on the left is holding a plastic doll to show Jenn how to hold Miles for the various positions.

We had a great time at meal time with Miles, due to his very good appetite and his, mostly successful, attempts to feed himself.  Here he is with his morning yoghurt and blueberries – he picks out the berries first and then looks around at our bowls for more! Of course, we hand our berries over because how can you say no to that cute face!

And now, it’s April 26 and we are relaxing at Whangaparapara Harbour on Great Barrier Island.  If the weather forecast is good around May 6, Dave and Margaret will be flying over and staying aboard for one week and then sailing back to Whangarei with us around May 14.

We have decided not to go to the Tropics this winter and will stay in New Zealand in order to have more exposure to potential boat purchasers.  Friends from Auckland have offered us their bach (holiday house) for the winter and a mooring for Bella Via near the marina in Whangarei.  So when it gets colder near the end of May we will move into the bach.  The plan is to take Bella Via into the marina on weekends so that people see our For Sale sign.  That’s the winter plan – we’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned.

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