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Rig, Sails & Deck


Bella Via is equipped to the standard of a luxury apartment.

Master Cabin - a true owner’s cabin with double bed, two forward opening hatches, shelves, two storage cupboards and a hanging locker with locking wood veneer door, a large walk in closet, and a convenient laundry bin.

Office- a fully fitted out communication/information centre with a polished wood desk with hinged desktop, overhead book shelf with more than adequate room for numerous books and printer/copier, shelves and four storage cupboards.

Master Bathroom - a toilet room with sink and large overhead vanity closet;  An exceptionally spacious shower room with two seating levels;  The shower room is separated from the toilet room by a hardened glass door.


Main Saloon - an open concept design that allows for conversation with anyone in the galley, office or aft deck;  The centre piece of the saloon is a luxuriously finished rose gum dining table surrounded by a huge wrap around settee with seating for 8 and panoramic 360 degree views from the settee.  This spacious, airy room is elegantly appointed and luxuriously finished in soft cherry veneer polished to perfection.  Removable glass windows in saloon with clip on clears or insect screens


Guest Cabin - double bed, two forward opening hatches, shelves, two storage cupboards and a hanging locker with locking wood veneer doors, and convenient laundry bin.  A private en-suite head adjoins this cabin and is separated by a polished lockable door.

Aft Cabin - This cabin is like no other ever built into a Seawind 1200.  See details in “Extras and Modifications”.

·   Throughout:

    • Bella Via  has proven to be a dry boat.  This is not something to be taken for granted in a sailing yacht, many of which leak miserably.
    • Bedroom cabins are in cherry timber and vinyl wall finishes, to give an elegant, clean look. Each cabin has polished cherry privacy doors.  All cabins have extensive storage and cupboards.  Each cabin has dual reading lights at the head of each bed.
    • All storage cupboards have locking, cherry wood-veneer doors polished to perfection.
    • All over-head cupboards have smoked Plexiglas sliding doors.
    • All cabins and bathrooms are completely private with polished lockable doors.
    • Co-ordinated premium designer laminates, surface finishes and upholstery.
    • Select cherry joinery work including bulkheads, cabinetry & trim.

Extras and Modifications:

·   Aft Cabin – Design and Functionality - The aft cabin in the starboard hull of Bella     Via, unlike any other Seawind 1200 ever built, was customized by Seawind during     construction to meet the desires of this owner to have a truly owner’s version of the     Seawind 1200.  It features a king single bed with overhead opening hatch, a hanging     locker, 4 storage cupboards and an exceptionally spacious 3 shelf pantry with locking     wood-veneer doors.
Aft Cabin

·  4 additional Gebo hatches were installed during construction, two in the saloon, one in the galley and one in the office for a total of 12 opening hatches that make Bella Via an extremely well ventilated and airy home.


·   Made-to-measure Gebo hatch insect screens for each of the 12 opening ports.

·   A large ottoman (portable stool) provides additional seating at the saloon table and     complements the saloon settee.  This stool is elegantly finished in the same cherry     veneer of the saloon and upholstery of the settee.  The top of this stool easily lifts     off to provide additional storage space.
Aft Cabin

·   Stepping pads and polished grab bars have been tastefully added to all sleeping cabins     to make it easy to step onto the beds. 
Aft Cabin

·   6 additional polished stainless steel grab bars have been added throughout the inside and outside of the vessel to assure there is always a sturdy and safe handhold when at sea.


·   UV shade cloth covers all four saloon windows
·   8 attractive and effective cooling fans have been installed, one in each cabin and two     in the saloon
Aft Cabin

·   Elegant 12 volt LED lighting throughout


·   Additional lighting over galley bench and communications centre


·   Additional shelving in the Master and Guest cabins


·   Customized shelving in the liquor cabinet


·   Intrusion alarm system


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