For Sale  -Bella Via- "The Beautiful Way"

Special Features
Rig, Sails & Deck


·   Deluxe illuminated master AC / DC electrical panel; DC system includes circuit breakers with LED indicator lights

·   LPG remote shut off

·   Marine grade tinned electrical wiring with extensive use of heat sealed connectors

·   Survey approved navigation lights - port & starboard mounted on bow rails

·   Deck floodlight mounted on spreaders

·   Masthead anchor & riding light


Extras and Modifications:

·   Batteries - Six (6) Trojan T105 house batteries (600 amp hours, new May, 2013);  One emergency diesel engine cranking battery


·   Solar Panels - 3 x 110 watt solar panels regulated by Blue Sky 25 amp MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Smart controller


·   Wind Generator - Aerogen 6 wind generator and regulator


·   Engine Charging System - Double belted, 160 amp, “Amp Tech” alternators (one on each engine) controlled by the Ample Power SARv3 Smart Regulator and Dual Alternator Controller


·   Electrical Power Monitor - Ample Power EMON 2001, Energy Monitor/Controller


·   Shore Power - Two independent shore power inlets to accept either 240V or 120V shore power input, plus 15 metre shore power cord


·   AC Power - Dual AC system for both 240 and 120 volt operation includes circuit breakers with LED indicator lights, AC voltage monitoring gauge, shore power master switch with reverse polarity protection;  Eight (8) AC power points and ten (10) 12 volt outlets located throughout


·   Battery Chargers - Xantrex True Charge 240 volt, 40 amp  battery charger and Xantrex True Charge 120 volt, 40 amp  battery charger


·   Inverters and Power Points - Xantrex 1800 watt, 120 volt with 8 independent power points located conveniently throughout the vessel.  And Sinergex 500 watt, 240 volt with 2 power points; (Note:  These can be easily reversed depending upon user preference.)


·   Additional access to DC Distribution Panel via hinged door located at office desk


·   Schematic of Bella Via’s  entire electrical installations


·   Stereo / Cd System - Kenwood AM-FM radio / CD system with speakers in saloon and aft deck

   Electrical appliances and tools including: Epson printer/copier/scanner, toaster, vacuum cleaner,     electric mixer, hand drill

   12 volt portable spot light (800,00 candle power)

   12 volt portable LED anchor light

·   Lighting - 12V LED interior lamps and courtesy lights throughout including engine rooms and most     lockers


·   The display panels of the desalinator, energy monitor, charge regulator, solar regulator, and battery charger are conveniently mounted in the office on the facing wall under the bookshelf.


·   All computer cables in the office are tidily routed through wall grommets.

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