Rig, Sails & Deck

Bella Via’s  SpEcial  features

Luxurious Interior

Bella Via’s  interior is simply luxurious due to extensive use of light cherry wood veneers and white vinyl wall and ceiling coverings throughout.  The saloon’s rose-gum table is visually stunning.

Stainless Steel  Galley Bench Top

Bella Via’s  polished, stainless steel galley bench top is visually stunning and extremely functional.  This signature piece features a seamless stainless steel bench top, with splash board, fiddle edge and integral double sink and drain board.

Shaded for Tropical Sun

Bella Via  carries a huge shade canopy that covers the entire foredeck and most of the saloon.  This canopy made of light weight, waterproof “Stamoid” material, keeps the deck and interior cool in the sun and allows overhead hatches to be left open in the rain.  Bella Via  is fitted with 12 large opening hatches, 4 more than the standard Seawind 1200.  UV shade cloth covers all 4 saloon windows.

Autopilot System

A reliable autopilot is essential to this owner for safe, comfortable passage making.  Bella Via is equipped with an autopilot system capable of driving a vessel more than twice the displacement of Bella Via.

Twin Forestay – Twin Jibs

Sail downwind in safety, ease and comfort with Bella Via’s  wing-on-wing jibs.  These twin jibs, each bent to its own forestay, can be carried with the wind 60 degrees either side of dead astern.


Robust Sailing Rig by Lambourne of Australia

Bella Via’s  mast is a slightly larger section of aluminium extrusion than the standard rig of a Seawind 1200.  With its double diamond stays, this rig is exceptionally stiff and secure.

Ground Tackle You Can Trust

When threatened by cyclone Xavier in 2010 in Vanuatu, Bella Via  had the necessary ground tackle aboard to create a cyclone mooring.  This extensive ground tackle lets this owner sleep well at night wherever Bella Via is at anchor.

Twin Yanmar 3YM30 Diesel Engines

In Bella Via  you get the manoeuvrability of two engines, the safety factor of diesel fuel and the outstanding reputation and world wide access to parts of the Yanmar 3YM30 which has now proven itself to be as reliable as its predecessor the popular 3GM30.  Note how clean this engine
compartment is.

Extensive Range Under Engine Power

Bella Via  has the capacity to carry 760 litres of diesel fuel in specially built aluminium fuel tanks which gives her a range on auxiliary power of an outstanding 1,400 nautical miles. (760 litres of fuel @ 2.7 litres/hour @ 5 knots).

Fuel Filtration

Clean fuel is a must for well maintained diesel engines.  Each of Bella Via’s  Yanmar 3YM30 engines has been  protected since new by “Racor - 75/500 MAX” dual fuel filters/water separators.

Electrical Power to Spare

With Bella Via’s  600 amp hour battery bank, solar panels, wind generator, high output alternators, smart regulators and energy monitor there is never a worry about having enough power when at anchor.  Additionally, Bella Via has the unusual ability and equipment to plug into and use either 120 volt or 240 volt shore power.  Multiple AC power points and 12 volt outlets are readily available throughout the vessel.

Spectra Water-maker

Travel anywhere in the world aboard Bella Via and never worry when or where to get potable water.  Bella Via’s  “Spectra – Catalina 300” desalinator makes 43 litres per hour and is one of the most energy efficient models ever made.


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