Paul and Mary Major, from their home port of South Port Sailing Club in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, will begin their new liveaboard life on January 18, 2005.

     Recently retired from teaching (Paul) and healthcare (Mary), this new life is the result of ten years of planning and dreaming.

     We've been avid sailors for over 30 years and discovered the joys of cruising and living a simple life style 15 years ago when we gave up racing and bought our first cruising sailboat. Summers brought extensive cruising in the Great Lakes, including the North Channel, which has been voted as one of the ten best cruising spots in the world, according to Cruising World magazine.

     After extensive research into liveaboard boats, we chose a new Seawind 1200 catamaran, which has just been built in Sydney, Australia. We will fly out of Windsor on January 15, 2005 and take possession of Bella Via on January 18.

     We have no intentions of circumnavigating. We will simply live aboard, wherever our spirits and desires take us.

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